Vol 5, No 2 (1991)

Table of Contents

Full Articles

Birds of the Bintuni Bay region, Irian Jaya PDF
Paul Erftemeijer, Gerald Alien, . Zuwendra, Sergius Kosamah 85-98
The avifauna of the Barito Ulu region. Central Kalimantan PDF
Roger Wilkinson, Guy Dutson, Ben Sheldon, . Darjono, Yus Rusila Noor 99-116
Jaegers in Indonesian waters PDF
Bas van Balen 117-124
Faunistic notes from Bali, with some new records PDF
Bas van Balen 123-132

Short Communications

Breeding colonies of Milky Stork in South Sumatra PDF
F Danielsen, A Purwoko, M J Silvius, H Skov, W Verheugt 133-135
Breeding colonies of waterbirds along the coast of Jambi Province, Sumatra, August 1989 PDF
F Danielsen, H Skov, U Suwannan 135-137
A Winter flock of Pheasant-tailed Jacanas at Ciamis, West Java PDF
M Indrawan 138-140
Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot on Java PDF
Bas van Balen, Alan Lewis 140-141
Note on two sight records of the Yellow-rumped-Flycatcher on Bali PDF
Bas van Balen, Richard Noske 142
First sight record of Yellow-vented Flowerpecker for Bali PDF
Clive A Green 143-144
A record of White-shouldered Ibis in East Kalimantan PDF
Soren Petersen 144-145
Note on the status of the White-shouldered Ibis in Kalimantan PDF
Derek A Holmes 145-148
A Dusky Moorhen nesting in South Sulawesi. A re-identification PDF
M Indrawan 149
Maleo on Buton PDF
A Hadi Pramono 150
A first record of Long-tailed Skua in the Lesser Sundas PDF
P Roseveare, T Alien 151


Reviews of new publications PDF
Derek A Holmes, Paul Andrew 152-160

ISSN: 0216-9223