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Kukila Volume 18(2) is published!

The editors of KUKILA proudly announce the publication of Vol 18 – Part 2, packed with interesting articles and observations of Indonesian birds from Sumatra to Maluku. Recent surveys on the mudflats at Bagan Percut in northeast Sumatra have revealed significant numbers of 16 migratory shorebird species, including the Endangered Nordmann’s Greenshank and the Near-threated Asian Dowitcher. The authors recommend that site be added to the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership list of internationally important wetlands as it meets all three criteria for inclusion. In addition, over 45,000 waterbirds of eight species were found nesting in the adjacent mangroves, and suggest the site ranks as one of Indonesia’s major heron rookeries.

Endemic to Timor and its satellite islands, the Timor Green Pigeon is considered Endangered, due to deforestation and excessive hunting. The last record of its existence in West Timor was in 1999, but recent observations confirm that a small population occurs on the small island of Roti to the west. In West Sumatra, observation of a Pygmy Wren-babbler feigning a broken wing revealed a nest with eggs, simultaneously discovering the second nest record for the island and a new behaviour for wren-babblers. In Java, the first detailed foraging observations of Racquet-tailed Treepies show that this species preys on small birds and their nestlings, in addition to insects, and their larvae and pupae. From Atauro Island off Timor-Leste come the first observations of the Lesser Sundas-endemic Tricoloured Parrot-Finch nesting in the wild. The first records of the Eastern Buzzard and Lesser Shortwing on Kalimantan and Sumba, respectively, are reported, and the status of Oriental Honey Buzzard in Wallacea is reviewed.

Finally, our regular feature Around the Archipelago provides details of new and interesting distributional records of 43 species and breeding records of 35 species, supplied by over 60 observers. Please keep those records coming!


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The Kukila Editorial Team. November 2015


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Kukila Volume 18, No. 2 is published!

The editors of Kukila are proud to announce the publication of Volume 18-Part 2
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