Kukila Volume 22 has arrived!

The first instalment of Volume 22 has been published, with two exciting full length articles. The first concerns the distribution of introduced mynas around Kuching, Sarawak, in Malaysian Borneo. Nurul Razak and colleagues found that the Common Myna was widely distributed in Kuching and suburbs of nearby Kota Samarahan, whereas the Javan Myna was confined to metropolitan Kuching. Though these invasive species are not yet considered pests in Sarawak, as they are in Singapore, the authors argue that their populations should be monitored, and recommend actions to reduce their food supply, of which human refuse is prominent.

The second article reports on new and significant bird records from the island of Bintan, the largest in the Riau Archipelago, just south of Singapore. Chan and Chan (2019) conducted surveys around the resorts and golf courses in the island’s north, and recorded eight new species for the island, bringing its total known avifauna up to 189 species. All of the newly-recorded species are widespread Asian birds, and it is concerning that no woodpeckers were detected. The authors recommended that Bintan Resorts and local government agencies be more proactive in restoring forest habitat, in order to properly fulfil Bintan’s ambition to be an “eco-island”.   

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Kukila Volume 22 is published

The editors of KUKILA proudly announce the publication of Vol 22  
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