First description of the eggs of the Sumatran Partridge <em>Arborophila sumatrana</em>

  • Vladislav Marcuk
  • Sebastian van Balen Basilornis Consults, Muntendampad 15, 6835 BE Arnhem, Netherlands
  • Donovan de Boer
  • Richard Noske Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia.
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Keywords: Roll's Partridge, egg description, endemic, breeding biology, Arborophila


The breeding biology of forest partridges (genus Arborophila) is poorly understood, with nest and eggs described for just over half of all 20 recognised species. Herein we provide the first formal description of the eggs of the endemic Sumatran Partridge, based on a single preserved clutch in the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, Leiden. Information about clutch size, egg characteristics and breeding phenology for the Sumatran Partridge is consistent with the published data available for other members of the super-species from South-East Asia.


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Author Biographies

Vladislav Marcuk
Master Student at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany (Conservation and Ecology)
Donovan de Boer
Independent, no affiliation
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Marcuk, V., Balen, S. van, de Boer, D., & Noske, R. (2021). First description of the eggs of the Sumatran Partridge <em>Arborophila sumatrana</em&gt;. KUKILA, 23(1), 27-31. Retrieved from
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