Vol 10 (1998)

Table of Contents

Full Articles

The birds of the islands of Flores - A review PDF
J Verhoeye, Derek A Holmes 3-59
A review of the Sumba avifauna PDF
M D Linsley, M J Jones, S J Marsden 60-90
Birds of the Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park, South-East Sulawesi PDF
J C Wardill, P S Fox, D J Hoare, W Marthy, K Anggraini 91-114
An annotated checklist of the birds of the Tanimbar Islands PDF
K David Bishop, Nick W Brickle 115-150

Short Communications

Eastern Marsh Harrier in Sulawesi PDF
J C Wardill, Feibe S.G Katuuk 151-152
Eastern Marsh Harrier in Kalimantan PDF
Bas van Balen, Pupung F Nurwatha 152-153
Note on the distribution of the Kinabalu Serpent Eagle with a first record for Kalimantan PDF
Bas van Balen 154-156
First record of Grey Heron in Kalimantan PDF
Bas van Balen 156-157
Note on a sighting of Striated Grassbird in Kalimantan PDF
Bas van Balen 157-158
Mountain Tailorbird as host of rusty-breasted Cuckoo PDF
Wolfgang Beisenherz 159-160
Short note on Purple Heron consistently feeding in a coffee plantation PDF
Mark Grantham 160
Siberian Blue Robin in West Java PDF
Tou S.J.C Luijendijk, Jelle Scharrings 161-162
House Crow observed in North Sumatra PDF
Chris Shepherd 162-163

ISSN: 0216-9223