Vol 9 (1997)

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Editorial PDF
Editor Kukila 1-2

Full Articles

The birds of Sangihe and Taluad , North Sulawesi PDF
Jon Riley 3-36
Checklist of the birds of the Sula Islands, with particular reference to Taliabu Island PDF
A J Stones, R S Lucking, P J Davidson, W Raharjaningtrah 37-55
Black-faced Bunting Emberiza spodocephala on Taliabu Island, Sula Island group: The first record for Indonesia PDF
A J Stones, N A. J Bean, Bas van Balen 56-57
Notes on the observation of a Taliabu Masked Owl Tyto nigrobrunnea on Taliabu Island, Indonesia PDF
A J Stones, P J Davidson, W Raharjaningtrah 58-59
Nest site of Molluccan Hanging Parrot in the wild PDF
A J Stones 60
Recent bird observations from the Banggai Islands PDF
M Indrawan, Y Masala, L Pesik 61-70
Rediscovery of Heinrich's Nightjar Eurostopodus diabolicus PDF
K David Bishop, Jared M Diamond 71-73
Further notes on the avifauna of the riau Archipelago PDF
Lim Kim Seng 74-77
Notes on the migration of Sacred Kingfishers in Indonesia PDF
Bas van Balen, R E Johnstone 78-80
Birds of the Negara River Basin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia PDF
Bas van Balen, Crawford Prentice 81-107
Faunistic notes from Kayan Mentarang, with new records for Kalimantan PDF
Bas van Balen 108-113
Bird observations in the Muratus Mountains, Kalimantan Selatan PDF
G W. H Davison 114-121
Bird observations on Pulau Laut, South Kalimantan PDF
G W. H Davison 122-125
An overview of the distribution, status and behavioural ecology of White-shouldered Ibis in East Kalimantan, Indonesia PDF
Resit Sozer, J W Annemarie, J van der Heijden 126-140
Kalimantan Bird Report 2 PDF
Derek A Holmes 141-169

Short Communications

Red-collared Dove on Java PDF
Bas van Balen 170
Purple Heron consumes large prey PDF
Derek A Holmes 170
Call of the Grey Imperial Pigeon PDF
David Melville 171
Records of Black-capped Kingfisher in Java PDF 1699
M Indrawan, P Collins, D Goulding, . Rudyanto 171-172
Counts and locations of waterbirds in two protected areas in East Java PDF
M Indrawan, Bas van Balen, Uday Udaya 173-175
First record of White-faced Storm-petrel in the Riau Archipelago PDF
Subaraj Rajathurai 175-176
Notes on a Booted Eagle sighting on Bintan Island, Riau Archipelago PDF
Lim Kim Seng 176-177
Record of Bornean Treepie from Kalimantan Barat PDF
Chris Reid 178-179
Sooty Oystercatcher - A new species for Indonesia PDF
Victor Mason 179-180
Records of House Sparrow in Irian Jaya PDF
Derek A Holmes 182-184
Bornean Ground-Cuckoo observations in Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan PDF
T G Laman, J L Bumaford, C D Knott 182-184


Reviews of new publications PDF
Derek A Holmes 185-191

ISSN: 0216-9223