Vol 8 (1996)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Editor Kukila 1-3

Full Articles

Wetlands International - Indonesia Programme: 10 years of wetland conservation in Indonesia PDF
Michael Ounsted 3-8
Sumatra Bird Report PDF
Derek A Holmes 9-56
An anotated checklist of the birds of Way Kambas National Park, Sumatra PDF
Sherry Parrott, Paul Andrew 57-58
The birds of Batam and Bintan Islands, Riau Archipelago PDF
Subaraj Rajathurai 86-113
The raptor community of Nias Island, Sumatra: Survey and conservation PDF
J M Thiollay 113-116
The birds of Tinjil and Deli Islands, West Java PDF
Derek A Holmes, Bas van Balen 117-126
Additions to the avifauna of the Banda Islands, Maluku PDF
Lawrence Moores, Christopher Healey, Bas van Balen 127-131
Bulwer's Petrel in Indonesia PDF
Marc Argeloo, Rene Dekker 132-135
Notes on the occurrence of the Little Curlew in Indonesia PDF
Bas van Balen 136-141
First record of Grey-streaked Flycatcher in Kalimantan PDF
Bas van Balen, Simon Aspinall 142-144

Short Communications

Note on observations of Abbott's Booby in the Banda Sea PDF
Bas van Balen 145-146
Anting Behaviourin Bali Starlings PDF
Bas van Balen 146-147
Some further new records of shorebirds from Lombok PDF
Louis Boon 148-149
Sighting of Common Cuckoo on Gunung Gede, Java
Louis Boon, Marja Boon-Bolt 149-150
A record of Yellow-rumped Flycatcher from Kalimantan PDF
Thomas Brooks 151-152
Red-rumped Swallow at Manokwari, a new species for Irian Jaya PDF
Phil Gregory, Ian Burrows, Roger Burrows, Gary Burrows 153
Blue Rock-thrush at Manokwari, a new species for Irian Jaya PDF
Phil Gregory, Ian Burrows, Roger Burrows, Gary Burrows 154
Thick-billed Flowerpecker: a first record forBali PDF
Martin Hale 155-157
Baillon's Crake, a new species for Bali PDF
Victor Mason 157-158
First record of Cinnamon Bittern for Timor PDF
Richard A Noske, Keisuke Ueda 158-159
Status of the Salmon-crested Cockatoo and Red Lory on Ambon Island, Maluku PDF
Michael Poulsen, Paul Jepson 159-160


Reviews of new publications PDF
Derek A Holmes 161-169

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