Vol 7, No 1 (1994)

Table of Contents

Full Articles

Notes on the avifauna of Bacan, Kasiruta and Obi, North Moluccas PDF
Frank R Lambert 1-9
A survey of the birds of Nias Island, Sumatra PDF
Nick Dymond 10-27
A review of the land birds of the West Sumatran Islands PDF
Derek A Holmes 28-46
The status of Abbott's Babbler in Borneo PDF
Christopher C Witt, Frederick H Sheldon 47-53
A review of the status and distribution of the Bornean Bristlehead PDF
Christopher C Witt, Frederick H Sheldon 54-67

Short Communications

Shining Bronze Cuckoo and Channel-billed Cuckoo: First records for Timor PDF
Richard Noske 68-69
Migration of swifts in the genus Apus through Nusa Tenggara PDF
Derek A Holmes 69-71
A Red Junglefowl feeding in close proximity to other pheasant species in Alas Purwo, Java PDF
M Indrawan 71-72
Sight records of Yellow-rumped Flycatcher in Yogyakarta, Java PDF
Pramana Yuda 73-74
Beach Thick-Knee at Lake Tempe, South Sulawesi PDF
Marcel J Silvius 74
A recent sighting of White-shouldered Ibis in Kalimantan PDF
Resit Sozer 75
A further note on the Blue-crowned Hanging-parrot in West Java PDF
Derek A Holmes 76
Schrenck's Bittern in Barito Ulu, Central Kalimantan PDF
Bas van Balen, Asep Adikerana, . Boeadi 77
A note on the occurrence of Rufous Night-heron on Bali PDF
Victor Mason 78-79


Reviews of new publications PDF
Derek A Holmes 80-81

ISSN: 0216-9223