An update on the avifauna of Gunung Lumut Protection Forest (East Kalimantan) and reflections on the potential conservation value of hutan adat

Ben Wielstra, Tjalle Boorsma, Sander M. Pieterse


We present results of a second survey of the hutan adat (forest traditionally exploited on a small scale by local people) situated in the Gunung Lumut Protection Forest, East Kalimantan, conducted in 2007 and closely following the first survey in 2005 (Wielstra & Pieterse 2009. Kukila 14: 1-15). An additional 29 species were observed. These comprise two globally threatened (Vulnerable) species, 16 “Sundaic Lowland Forest” biome-restricted species, one “Sundaic montane forest” biome-restricted species and a congregatory waterbird species of which 1% of its biogeographic population is present. The findings substantiate our previous suggestion to recognize Gunung Lumut Protection Forest as an Important Bird Area. We also provide some remarks on the potential conservation value of hutan adat and raise issues to be addressed in further studies.


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